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Welcome to Harmony Center, Inc.

Everyone deserves a chance at life, especially those with disabilities. Our organization aims to serve individuals with various levels of intellectual afflictions. We know how these disorders can keep people from living their lives and accomplishing their dreams. Our multidisciplinary team goes the extra mile, collaborating with persons who are dually-diagnosed with serious medical conditions and extreme behavioral problems, in an effort to help them live the life they deserve.

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Our Mission Statement

“Where Encouragement Leads to Accomplishment.”

We are committed to providing services that help the developmentally disabled, adjudicated, mentally and medically ill, abused, and neglected individuals of our communities. We deliver solutions that address the various needs of these segments of the population in an effort to help them live a more successful life.

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Services We Offer

Our vast array of capabilities address the various needs of disabled and mentally-challenged individuals. We aim to help our residents live the highest quality of life.