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What We Are

The Harmony Center, Inc. is a private non-profit residential and specialized services agency dedicated to providing services for the developmentally disabled, adjudicated, mentally and medically ill, abused and neglected citizens. We are the oldest and largest black-owned/founded agency in the state of Louisiana.

Our History

The Harmony Center, Inc. was founded upon the desire of Collis B. Temple, Jr. and his parents, Collis B. Temple, Sr. and Mrs. Shirley C. Temple, to address the often unmet needs of the disabled individuals of the community.

The efforts of these three dedicated individuals gave birth to the center, first licensed in January of 1978 as a group home by the State Department of Children and Family Services. Back then, this establishment was responsible for providing 24-hour services to male children ages 12 to 18 years. Mr. Temple, Jr. headed the facility until a certain Mr. Leroy Johnson took his place. A person by the name of Mrs. Soundra Temple then established her place among the staff during the latter part of 1978. In the next three years, two additional homes were established and appropriately named Harmony II and III. Harmony I, by then, was a foster home for children; Harmony II, a provider of services to the intellectually and developmentally disabled, and Harmony III, offered solutions to adjudicated youth.

24-hour supervision and training were provided to the youth back then, all by male direct care staff workers. The office staff was then comprised of Mr. Temple, the executive director; Mrs. Temple, the program director; and Mrs. Vanessa Brown, clerical support.
The latter months of 1985 brought an additional member to the team in Mrs. Sandra Hall. The period between 1985 and 1986 was responsible for the formation of seven “Gary W” residential programs and five new community homes for developmentally disabled individuals.

The 8-year period between 1987 and 1995 marked a rapid rise in staff growth. It was also within this stretch of time when the company administrative office moved to a larger building, and additional facilities were opened in New Orleans, Pineville, Lafayette, Tangipahoa parish, and Baton Rouge (where three new facilities were set up).

The year 1999 marked the opening of two transitional living service programs that provided housing and training for mentally ill individuals.
In 2014, our agency’s collaboration with Maxima Industries led to the incredible combination of our work training program and their renowned residential program. This allowed us to deliver a more comprehensive brand of care service to the intellectually handicapped members of society. This also spelled great benefits for our youth, who continued to receive community-based services for academics, and HTS residents, who relished in their opportunity-based work experiences and education.

We have served thousands upon thousands of individuals from the date of our establishment until today. We have also given numerous job opportunities to thousands of people over the years.

We provide home, training, and a variety of services to/through:

  1. Foster children – 7 facilities
  2. Adjudicated youth – 3 facilities
  3. Intellectually and Developmentally-disabled adults – 17 facilities
  4. Mentally-Ill Male Adults – 2 facilities
  5. Day Programs – 2 programs
  6. Mental Health Rehab Services – 1 program

Presently, residential and day program services are provided in East Baton Rouge and Tangipahoa Parishes in Louisiana.

Our Multidisciplinary Team is comprised of:

  1. Direct care staff
  2. Managers
  3. Social Workers
  4. Counselors
  5. Accountants
  6. Psychiatrists
  7. Dieticians
  8. Clerical support staff
  9. Psychologists
  10. Administrators
  11. Maintenance staff
  12. Teachers
  13. Physicians
  14. Dentists

These professionals dedicate their lives to providing holistic, compassionate care to the people we serve. They encourage you to break free from the mental prison of your disabilities to live the life you deserve. We can make that possible!

Let us help you find a home. For more information, contact us at 225-383-9139 to schedule a pre-placement interview.