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Helping You Find a Home
caregiver working at the home of a retired couple

Living as independently as possible and being part of a community are among the most important goals shared by people with disabilities, their families, and advocates. A home – either rented or owned – is one of the cornerstones of independence for people with disabilities. However, people with disabilities and mental illness often face discrimination when seeking housing. This is where Harmony Center, Inc. can help.

Whether you are looking for a single-family home, an apartment, or if you would like to stay in an assisted living facility or disability community, we can help you find your home. We will listen to your preferences and needs, and help you find a home that best meets your lifestyle. Furthermore, we can help you find housing grants and other assistance programs that can help pay for your home.

Let us help you find a home. For more information, contact us at 225-383-9139 to schedule a pre-placement interview.